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My little church is a small building filled with love and caring.


About us

God is transforming lives through our ministry…


Our worship and community life make a difference in the lives of our members and others in the community. Together we find:

  • Courage to love and live boldly in a hurting world

  • Renewed hope when life is hard

  • Inspiration to make a difference

  • God’s deep love for each one of us holds us tenderly no matter what happens on our life’s journey



Our values, based on Christ-centered theology, include: 
•    Spirituality     

•    Hospitality 
•    Authenticity    

•    Generosity
•    Inclusivity    

•    Gratitude
•    Justice (human and climate)     


These values are the basis of our relationships, actions, and outreach.

At this time, we are seeking to become recognized as an Affirming Ministry in the United Church of Canada. We are committed to being Public, Intentional, and Explicit in welcoming people of all sexual orientations, gender identities, and gender expressions. We are on a journey of education and action as we aim to find support and community within the United Church of Canada and beyond for





A Song of Faith (2006) seeks to create a verbal picture of what the United Church understands its faith to be in our early 21st-century context...

Grateful for God’s loving action, we cannot keep from singing...

A New Creed (1968) is a brief and well-loved affirmation of faith used widely in our worship. We are not alone...




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We Are Not Alone - A New Creed.webp
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