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Our congregational members offer loving support for community members who are going through difficult times such as (but not limited to):
•    Grieving the death of a loved one
•    Loss of a relationship
•    An injury or illness/disability
•    Isolation or loneliness
•    Grieving the death of a pet
•    Mental health challenges
•    Hospital stays
•    Unemployment/loss of a job
Our community of faith offers prayers, handmade prayer shawls, and phone calls.


All prayer requests are held in confidence. With your permission, we will light a votive (candle) during our Prayers of the People during our weekly worship service.


Our prayer shawl ministry is a gift of the Holy Spirit. Our shawls are offered with compassion and loving inclusion. What is a prayer shawl? A prayer shawl is a handmade knitted or crocheted shawl. What makes it different from other shawls is that when making a prayer shawl the crafter infuses the shawl with prayer as they work. This has a twofold benefit; many crafters feel soothed and uplifted as they create the shawl, and the recipient knows that love, care, and prayer went into its creation. The shawl is then blessed by a minister.
Prayer Shawls are available to anyone experiencing challenging times in their lives. They can be used for warmth, comfort, and as a reminder that no one is alone. A Prayer Shawl is intended to be a reminder of God’s loving presence and care. 
You do not need to be a member of the congregation to receive a shawl. If you, or someone you know, would welcome receiving a prayer shawl please contact any of our community of faith or email us at:



Votive Lit
Remebering Kathy T.jpg
Rembering Lil.jpeg

Kathy Thiessen April 14, 1949 - November 05, 2021

Lillian Ross

October 02, 1931 – November 16, 2020 

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