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Where two or three are gathered....

Being together in person is our ideal. There’s something that happens when people are together face-to-face that cannot be otherwise duplicated. Yet, we know that it can be hard to connect in person as much as we would like. Some of our friends are infirm or live at a distance, so we use technology to enhance and expand our reach. We also join First United Wetaskiwin or Rising Spirit Ponoka United Church via Zoom to share in their weekly worship services. We have chosen to remain with one congregation throughout one church season and then move to the other when the calendar changes. We continue to engage people through our Facebook page (Living Spirit United Church, Drayton Valley).

Music is a vital part of this community of faith. Our hymns include many old favorites and an abundance of newer hymns with more varied tunes and lyrics (words). We sing our theology – everything from care of creation, seeking justice, and deeper spirituality. Many of our hymns have been written in response to the seasons of the Christian calendar.


Please connect and plan time to browse our extensive and current library to learn more about traditional and progressive Christianity, Being in Good Relations (Truth and Reconciliation), pastoral care, grief, stewardship, anti-racism, and so much more.

We also have a large children’s/young adult library inviting readers to explore, question, learn and grow.

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