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 A Sacrament is something we do, to make visible what already exists, the grace of God. Water is a symbol of that grace. Water is integral to who we are and to our survival. So too it is hoped that faith, our relationship with God becomes integral to who we are and how we live. Baptism is not a special protection, nor will an un-baptized person go to hell. It is a public commitment, on the part of parents to raise the child in a Christian home, and on the part of an adult to commit his/her life to Christian discipleship.

The celebration of the sacrament of baptism is a beautiful, ancient, and sometimes intensely moving ceremony. This sacrament offers a good occasion for a family gathering and celebration.

Our baptismal practice reflects our inclusion of infant baptism. The parents or guardians of the child to be baptized, are asked to make a public confession of their own Christian faith. These promises are made before God and before the congregation, as they are more easily kept with the support and encouragement of the Christian community. The congregation is also asked to promise their support of parents and children as they grow in faith.

If you are interested in seeking baptism or just learning more about it, please contact us.

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